CREATE Submits Expression of Interest in AECL

Posted at 03/31/12 - 04:13 PM

Chalk River Employees Ad-hoc TaskforcE for a national laboratory (CREATE) has responded to Natural Resources Canada's (NRCan) consultation about the future of Chalk River Laboratories. The following is a summary of CREATE's submission, entitled, "A Vision for the Chalk River National Laboratory: An Expression of Interest in AECL with respect to the future mission and governance of Chalk River Laboratories."

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CREATE focuses on the mission of CRL as a national laboratory and we provide some high-level ideas about what such a model may look like. A major purpose for adopting the vision of CREATE for CRL would be to best leverage the existing assets. Thus, our vision for the Chalk River National Laboratory (CRNL) is described in brief here. A national laboratory mission will affect all existing facilities at CRL and will require investment in upgraded and new infrastructure, including notably a new research reactor. It is expected that this transition process would be done in consultation with potential partners and customers. In parallel, detailed planning for a new multi-purpose reactor for research and other applications in the long-term is needed. Such a reactor would assume and expand the functions of the aging NRU reactor.

The proposed CRNL will be much more outward-looking, collaborating, partnering and impacting at all levels of Canadian society, providing many public good benefits as well as benefits for industry and government directly. We believe that CRNL will be a vehicle to mobilize science and technology (S&T) to Canada’s benefit, that is, it will contribute to the vision of Canada’s S&T strategy: “to build a sustainable national competitive advantage based on science and technology and the skilled workers whose aspirations, ambitions, and talents bring innovations to life.” CRNL will be a productive and sustainable national laboratory that provides both near-term and long-term benefits to the Canadian public, with a good return on the investment of public tax dollars and private investment.

CREATE is a grass-roots, non-partisan group of volunteers that includes current and former employees at CRL. CREATE was formed in 2009 to develop and propose a vision for the future of CRL, focusing on its mandate and mission. This vision is based on the knowledge and experience of many local individuals and has been endorsed by local municipalities, Renfrew County, and the Eastern Ontario Wardens Caucus. The members of CREATE represent themselves. They do not represent their employers or other institutions with which they may be affiliated.

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